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Fun stuff this week:
  • Wrangled goats on Tuesday. 
  • Took my first radiograph today
  • Did laundry so Dani has things to sleep on and so my laundry basket no longer smells like goat
  • Moved downstairs
  • Stole sprinkles from the dining hall
  • Dani's coming to visit!!1!!!!11!!!!one!!!!
Also, from Mia~The first five people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing (of course this means I must know the pairing to write them hehe). In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. Will totally write more than five if enough people want XD;

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Wow, I wrote a lot this time....and in case you haven't read/noticed the warnings yet, I don't have a beta and don't plan on editing this until I have the whole thing written...

Also, uh, taking suggestion for a name if anyone has ideas. Do share, because I currently have none...

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First bits here and second bits here

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So uh...I did have this written yesterday like I promised, and I actually sort of was going to try to send it over for the writing/beta-ing part of the party back home (because I'm sure it needs it badly) but I also got a little distracted. By Walmart. And Nerf guns. And movies. And sledding at midnight (which is a bad idea guys, I highly suggest not ever doing this). Buh.

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First part here

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Was talking with dani_in_japan about half an hour ago about awesome things going down in her life. Fic happened. Now you all may enjoy. Take everything with a grain of salt, because I am not in any way, shape, or form, a lawyer, and dani_in_japan is wonderful in actually advising me in the correct phrasing and legal jargon that I will probably never understand. ♥s for you~

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Writer's Block: A rose by any other name ...

How did you choose your LiveJournal username? Is there an interesting story behind it?

Well see lj, back in my sophomore year of high school, there was this magical girl story we started writing. By this time, I had picked up the nickname "Chia" from one of my guy friends (it was a xanga thing: those of you who know are aware of this, those of you who don't won't get any more information on this) and obviously my name is Ami. Therefore my magical girl was Chia-Chia Ami-chan. And lo and behold a username was born.

Story Bit!

So being the foolish person that I am, I completely forgot to save the link to the originial request and just saved the request in a word document. That being said, it was thus:

AU where Russia was the one to find and raise America and Canada

And instead of doing it through fear, the absolute cuteness of the two makes him use different tactics.

Later, Teen!Colonial!America has to decide whether to declare his independence, or become one with Mother Russia

Anon is obviously a fan of America/Russia/America (any order!), but America/Russia/Canada is also an OT3
(Any smexiness has to be 100% consensual)

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So I totally enjoy concrit and beta-ing because my first priority is actually getting this written instead of just going over it too many times like I normally do. I have a general idea of how I want things to go down, so hopefully I'll actually get it finished at some point..? Also, any questions and comments are totally welcomed with open arms :D

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So I haven't even bothered to sort through my flist yet, but I'm making a post before I forget everything that's happened over the past two days.

It started off with a drive to beat the weather. We were going to leave at 9 but then it was supposed to rain/snow/sleet/shit-from-the-sky so my mom decided the night before that we would leave at 8. Given that I stayed up until about 4 in the morning the night before (THANK YOU IMMATURIA CHAT ILU) I was sort of tired and not wanting to be awake, but I managed to nap in the car a little bit and was fine thereafter. I didn't have to drive until we hit Connecticut though, and that was about the last 2 hours of the drive, so not bad at all. Got to my grandmother's around 2 and was happy snappy from there.

So. Ahem. I love my grandmother dearly, but she can be a bit of a busybody sometimes, and I know she loves me, but sometimes I wish she would just stop talking, because I HAVE NO IDEA what an empty margarine tub has to do with using a glue gun. 

Other than that, I got to see my great uncle Jon and cousin Michelle (actually first cousin once removed, I think? In actuality she's my mom's cousin, so I'm not really sure how we're related) for the first time in a very long time. Like, it's been long enough that this was my first discussion with him now that he considers me an adult, and the first time she's apparently seen me since I was a baby. That being said, I love my Italian side of the family so much. And my uncle John is trying to turn me into an alcoholic, I think, because he kept trying to give me glasses of alcohol and seemed very happy when I actually agreed to taste what everyone else was drinking. Now, I can officially add to the list of alcoholic beverages I've actually tried, and thus Frangelico > Sambuca > Champagne.

Also pretty sure my grandmother owns basement cat, and I probably should have pointed that out to my mom because she would understand and find it quite funny.

And for those who've missed my AIM status, it's been snowing up here. It snowed about 2 inches on Monday and has been snowing pretty much all day today, even though the weather said it was supposed to stop in the afternoon. And, as I've said previous, I just keep watching the snow pile up and all I can think about is how I need a couple nations here and a bottle of coke so that we can have epic battle. Alas, I lack both, so I'll just imagine how epic it will be and hope that people can actually come visit me (E:OIFNSIOEHRFESF THIS IDEA MAKES ME SO HAPPY) while it's here to be enjoyed.

I also have storybits for those who I told I would write, so just bother me if you want to read it and I'll probably post it later tonight. And keep bothering me after that so I actually work on it, although given all my classes it might be slow going...

Unfortunately I won't be able to stay up super late tonight catching up with everyone because OMG LAB ANIMAL ROTATION WTF at 7:30 tomorrow, but his weekend looks promising.

Guys, I've missed you all intensely and immensely, and I'll be sure to catch up with everyone later <3

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Sleep? What is this sleep thing you speak of?

I'm leaving in 45 minutes guys. I love you all, and I'll talk to you again in 2 days (or I'll text you, for any of you who can't wait quite that long ;D)

Highlights from yesterday night

  • Custody battle over Alaska
  • Belarus constantly stalking Russia (like always)
  • Ukraine arguing with Belarus over Russia. Also becoming Auntie Crane
  • Germany being the only responsible one
  • Canada and Germany constantly trying to steal Alaska from America and Russia
  • Canada disappearing for 20 minutes and returning with pancakes that distracted everyone for about 2 minutes
  • Poland constantly molesting Lithuania, and deciding to take lessons from Russia on how to make babies
  • Sweden averting disaster with bacon
  • Sweden averting disaster again with bacon and sausages
  • And after the RPing ended, the creation of Immaturia
If I missed anything, let me know guys XD

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Got a hair cut today~ It's a little shorter than I was expecting, but it's growing on me slowly. I think I'll like it a lot more after it grows out a little.

Will finish those dolls later today or tomorrow morning. Then I need to finish the dolls for my friends at college XD

Went shopping with my mom. Got a pair of boots at Kmart (20 dollars :D) that will hopefully work for Canada. Leather gloves were harder to track down, but I will find them yet >___> After that I just need to find a pair of pants and make the scarf for his uniform, and the biggest part is finding/making a jacket. Hrm...anyone on my flist who knows how to sew willing to barter? Obviously I could straight up pay for it, but I'm also willing to trade dollies/crocheted goods in addition to money if anyone's interested in things of that variety.

Also to Bela~~~ It looks like the bowling coupon is only good for the bowling alley near my house, but I'll bring enough moneys to get us a goodly amount of ice cream from Friendlys.