Ami (chiachiaamichan) wrote,

Oh hi there

I'm updating! I'm updating! Hahaha....the lack of updates is mainly because of my own laziness and nothing else. And possibly the lack of anything exciting happening this semester at college.

Classes.....are classes. I'm not sure how much anyone wants to listen to me rant on a nearly daily basis about how much the terrify my. Pathophysiology is amazing, and I love Dr. Northrop and respect her so much as a professor, but I live in fear that I'll fail horribly and somehow let her down. And given that she's my adviser....yeah. Trying my best to remember everything I can.

And if that's bad, I'm living in near constant fear of Biochem. I ask myself on a daily basis why I'm taking--and then I remember, oh yeah, it's graduation requirement. Considering that our first exam, which we just got back, the class average was a 52....I fear it. I count myself luck that I was one of the few people who passed, but I dread the next one...

But, other than classes, college is going well for me. I have so much more free time now that I'm not taking 4 classes with labs. I just have my Microbiology lab this semester, and honestly it's pretty interesting, even if the professor's voice has this amazing quality that can make me sleepy within 5 minutes of lecture starting. My roommate is amazing this semester, finally. Guys, she actually talks to me. And even if I have to see bitchface exroomie around campus well...I'm getting over it.

I also decided to make a new layout.....guys don't judge. I don't spend money on my lj, so it's just what I can whip up with gimp and picking pretty colors. I like it though. chiachiaamichan , check it out ♥
Tags: a life: i do not have it
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