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New Year's Resolution's [Dec. 31st, 2010|11:59 pm]
  • Eat more veggies
  • Get the Canada uniform cosplay done I did this. And it was beautiful. And all the awesome Hetalia buddies I have now only made it better than I could have imagined
  • Manage Kite Eishirou cosplay er...this dream died before Otakon. Crashed and burned even. But I regret nothing!
  • Figure out someone from Baccano! to cosplay Going to do Chane. At some point....
  • Get a summer internship (or get a job. As in, actually make money this summer) pfffft *fail*
  • Have another epic year at Otakon *big thumbs up*
  • Have an epic weekend at Anime Boston hey guys. Sunday? Sunday was amazing. 
  • Do Nanowrimo again (this year use Heroes and Thieves or possibly the Borrowed Time series)
  • Try to start doing amigurumi commisions er....this sort of happened?
  • Try to keep GPA at 3.5