Ami (chiachiaamichan) wrote,

Aburame Shino - More gansta then you'll ever be. 

After getting that out of the way, I want to propose something.  I was musing on the idea of creating a friendly fanfic-writing contest/group thing.  I thought I'd be kinda fun to have one person set a subject and then we'd all have a set time limit in which to write something up for it.  Kinda like a practice circle, maybe?  With no pressure, of course, and just created for the purpose of helping all of us to improve or writing. 

Give me feedback people!  Nobody seems to love me anymore, if the amount of comments I've gotten in the past few weeks proves anything. 

PS - Kit, otouto-kun wished to borrow the Flint the Time Detective DVDs.  He would mucho appreciate it if you could lend them to him sometime this week. 

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