New Year's Resolution's

  • Eat more veggies
  • Get the Canada uniform cosplay done I did this. And it was beautiful. And all the awesome Hetalia buddies I have now only made it better than I could have imagined
  • Manage Kite Eishirou cosplay er...this dream died before Otakon. Crashed and burned even. But I regret nothing!
  • Figure out someone from Baccano! to cosplay Going to do Chane. At some point....
  • Get a summer internship (or get a job. As in, actually make money this summer) pfffft *fail*
  • Have another epic year at Otakon *big thumbs up*
  • Have an epic weekend at Anime Boston hey guys. Sunday? Sunday was amazing. 
  • Do Nanowrimo again (this year use Heroes and Thieves or possibly the Borrowed Time series)
  • Try to start doing amigurumi commisions er....this sort of happened?
  • Try to keep GPA at 3.5

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The good news: The biochem exam got rescheduled to next Wednesday! Meaning another week to study! And no presentations to go with our papers because we're having an exam during the final time slot!

The bad news: It was rescheduled because nearly everyone in the class is sick right now including the teacher. Meaning I'm now giving myself about a 90% chance of getting sick Sunday night! Just in time for finals!

Oh hi there

I'm updating! I'm updating! Hahaha....the lack of updates is mainly because of my own laziness and nothing else. And possibly the lack of anything exciting happening this semester at college.

Classes.....are classes. I'm not sure how much anyone wants to listen to me rant on a nearly daily basis about how much the terrify my. Pathophysiology is amazing, and I love Dr. Northrop and respect her so much as a professor, but I live in fear that I'll fail horribly and somehow let her down. And given that she's my adviser....yeah. Trying my best to remember everything I can.

And if that's bad, I'm living in near constant fear of Biochem. I ask myself on a daily basis why I'm taking--and then I remember, oh yeah, it's graduation requirement. Considering that our first exam, which we just got back, the class average was a 52....I fear it. I count myself luck that I was one of the few people who passed, but I dread the next one...

But, other than classes, college is going well for me. I have so much more free time now that I'm not taking 4 classes with labs. I just have my Microbiology lab this semester, and honestly it's pretty interesting, even if the professor's voice has this amazing quality that can make me sleepy within 5 minutes of lecture starting. My roommate is amazing this semester, finally. Guys, she actually talks to me. And even if I have to see bitchface exroomie around campus well...I'm getting over it.

I also decided to make a new layout.....guys don't judge. I don't spend money on my lj, so it's just what I can whip up with gimp and picking pretty colors. I like it though. chiachiaamichan , check it out ♥

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.....what? Updating? Because you know, 7 in the morning sometimes feels like the only free time I have anymore DX

Between interning 8-9 hours a day and having to clean house when I get home this week, I'm starting to feel the time crunches I've been trying to ignore for the rest of the summer.

I need to study for the boards. I need to, but I don't think I've picked up my study cards since the weekend. And that's really not a good thing. And lets not even talk about my half-styled wig and unfinished jacket in the basement >__<

Because you know, Otakon's in a week and a half, and I've still got how much left to do? Plus I've got dollies sitting around my house that need to be delivered, and I'm being a bad, bad girl and not working on the commissions I just got because durrr I have no time to >__>

ihisnfpiuehasf I want my relaxing summers back.....

This is my freak-out post

So finals week starts tomorrow, and I'm doing this in what little free time I actually have anymore....

Point 1: Please don't invite me to chats this week DX. I'm going to miss you guys, but I just won't have the time. Even if I'm online and pretending I'm not busy, don't believe me. One-on-ones should be fine guys are so much more fun that studying, and unfortunately that needs to happen.

Point 2: On that note, please don't be surprised that I've suddenly fallen off the face of the planet. This is an unfortunate side effect of finals week.

Point 3: I'm going to fail Farm Animal. Seriously. I was okay on stress levels until I looked at my grades yesterday and now I'm absolutely convinced that there's no freaking way I'm going to pass that class. 

.....seriously, wtf self? You passed Surgery which is the hardest class in sophomore year, and you passed Clin. Path. and you've got a 90-something in Hematology which everyone else is having trouble with. Who fails Farm Animal?

If this is the only thing that keeps be from taking the boards this summer I'm going to curl up in a corner of my room and die, because seriously, it's a 2 credit course. What the hell?

Emo post is emo. I apologize. I'm going to go study now or something.

What? An update?

So um....hi lj. I've been not posting for....quite a long time now I guess. College has been keeping me more busy than I honestly expected, but that goes along with having 4 classes with attached lab sections.

Ugh. I'm getting down to crunch time. I've got five days to study for two practicals next week, and then after those are over I have finals starting the week after that. I'll be done May 6th, home May 7th, and starting my summer internships May 11th. I'm going to be super busy this summer, but I think right now I'm okay with that ^^ For my first half/first 6 weeks of the summer I'll be working at Tri-state, and the second half I'll be going back to the Veterinary Specialty Center. I'm hoping this time around I'll be able to do a lot more, given that I've had my surgery, clin. path., hematology, and radiology classes.

Also ugh, I've been itching to crochet stuff so badly this past week, but my yarn I have with me right now is limited to the stuff I reserve for scarf making and the leftovers from the christmas ninjas/penguins. When I get home I'll finally have my big box o' yarn and all my colors and I'll be able to make things in all my spare time. 

I'm pretty sure I'll be opening amigurumi commissions for the summer, but only after I:
  1. Get sekkrit project stuff started and subsequently finished
  2. Make the ones I already have commissions for from Mia and Dani
Secondly, I'll get to get my Otakon costuming started (lol someone mentioned costume parties, right? Such things could potentially take place at my house, as my mom has a large sewing room, a sewing machine, and a serger). I need to get my ass in gear and actually register for that....

If anyone's interested, the plan right now is:
  1. Friday: Mytho, Princess Tutu (needs a new wig...)
  2. Saturday: Noa Kaiba, Yuugioh (morning), Military uniform Canada, Hetalia (afternoon/evening)
  3. Sunday: chibi!Canada, Hetalia

And of course, while all of this is happening, I'll also be working on Firemen and Flowers! I seriously want to thank all my lovely friends who have helped turn what started out as a silly idea to pass the time rp-ing one night into such a wildly amazing project. You guys are seriously awesome ♥

....kudos to everyone who's made it through my rambling thus far.I can't wait to come home and see all of you again~

But wait! There's more!

Title: Firemen and Flowers--Part 2/4.5 so far and many more to go
Authors: dani_in_japan as Alfred, chiachiaamichan as Matthew, miawinner as Francis, and gryfeathr as Arthur
Rating: PG-13
Summary: We meet the infamous 'Papa', there is stabbity knife revenge, Arthur learns that Alfred has broken up with Natalya, plans for pancake eating are made, and Alfred pays his father a surprise visit at work.
Notes: Props to redkittychan for the awesome story idea, and props to gryfeathr for using more italics in her writing than I do.

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Again, comments greatly appreciated!

So I heard people wanted to read this..?

Title: Firemen and Flowers--Part 1/4 so far and many more to go
Authors: dani_in_japan  as Alfred and chiachiaamichan  as Matthew
Rating: G/PG/idk but nothing that really needs rating happens
Summary: In this part we have their first meeting, and their first "date" if you can really call it that
Notes: I spent a good part of my day editing this yesterday. I shouldn't ever let the log get to 40 pages without doing such things in the future. Also massive props to redkittychan  for suggesting the basic premise of this story which has now reached what I consider epic proportions and still has a long way to go~

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Comments are greatly appreciated! Especially if they're to point out editing things that I missed!